Cosmolocal Reader Launch Event

The Cosmolocal Reader features 50 chapters documenting and discussing theory and practice. From modular automotive manufacturing, to agri-robotics and peer to peer farming, community driven wind power and housing construction… to biohacking, furniture fabrication, upcycling, prosthetics, and disaster relief, over 40 cases and examples from around the world provide a foundation to consider what exists and what could be, and 12 essays provide thought provoking ideas, reflections, critique and imagination.nn​Cosmolocalism stands for a transformation in how we produce the stuff of life. It is a contested space with no guarantees. There are patent wars and appropriations of IP, the challenges in building and financing open source and open design start ups, creating urban commons ecosystems, and a variety of other challenges. But we see possibilities bubbling through the surface. And, the challenges we are facing are asking for bold and transformative thinking and strategy. Today we also hold new technological potentials, creative human labor that can be mutualised, and new modes of economic, political and cultural organisation. The ingredients for change are sitting before us. In this book we bring many of these ingredients together for us to consider how we use these to shape the world we want to become.nnWe held a launch event to celebrate the release of the book. Book info can be found on this website. nnSpeakersnnJose Ramos – Action Foresight & Futures Lab (Reader co-editor and chapter author)n​Kathy Peach – Director of the Centre for Collective Intelligence Design at Nesta (Guest speaker)n​Gilbert Rochecouste – founder and MD of Village Well and the Epoch institute. (Guest speaker)n​Michel Bauwens – Founder of P2P Foundation (Reader co-editor and chapter author)n​Sharon Ede – Circular economy professional (Reader co-editor and chapter author)n​James (Gien) Wong – Principle co-founder, Stop Reset Go (Reader co-editor and chapter author)n​Helena Norberg-Hodge – Local Futures (Reader chapter author)n​Ron Eglash – Professor School of Information, University of Michigan (Reader chapter author)n​Melissa Fuller – Co-Founder & Managing Director at AbilityMadenAbril Chimal – Chief Pollinator for the Participatory Futures Global Swarm (Reader production editor and chapter author)

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