Project 2-Final

For this assignment, I really wanted to visualize the expressiveness of the dialogue through the visuals. To do this, I created an animation that featured two distinct (visual) voices to represent both Woody and Buzz. Buzz, as this ultra-masculine, calm, hero-archetype space ranger, is depicted through a traditional computer programming font – one that you would see in light green text against a black screen. This is representative of text that would be displayed on the wrist computer on his space suit. His dialogue is animated letter-by-letter, as if it is being typed. Meanwhile, Woody is very frantic and emotional in this scene – he switches between rushed whispering and scream-whispering very often. To show this, I chose to use various versions of a sans serif face (in light condensed, bold condensed, and ultra bold) to depict the different audio levels of his dialogue.nJust like the audio, the animation is meant to feel almost rushed through – their back-and-forth communication is rapid in the heat of their anger, so the animation must feel the same. To depict this, I involved a lot of rapid movements and quick cuts.

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